>Liberia: Morlu Petitioned for President

>Source: allAfrica.com

Outgoing Auditor General John Morlu has been petitioned by a US-based group to contest the 2011 presidency, with the widow of late General Thomas Quiwonkpa, Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa, at the forefront.

Contacted on the petition Sunday, Mr. Morlu simply said, “no comment.”

But in a press release from a group called the Liberia Renaissance Campaign (LRC), the petitioners said they want Mr. Morlu to contest the presidency in October this year, adding that the move “is a humanitarian call, and not a political aspiration or ambition, to rescue their country.”

The release: In her text message to the Liberia Renaissance Campaign in the United States, Mrs. Quiwonkpa said, “Bravo!! Sign me on if permissible”.

Mrs. Quiwonkpa’s text message was in response to a mass text message sent out over the weekend to Liberians at home, in the United States and around the world, announcing Liberians would petition the Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu, on 14 May 2011 to contest the Presidency of Liberia in the upcoming October 2011.

The release from the petitioners said Mr. Morlu should “continue the renaissance he started to go beyond the corridors of the General Auditing Commission to the halls of the Executive Mansion and calls on all true loving Liberians who want the best from their country to join this historical movement and effort.”

The petitioners said they are “concerned about the future of Liberia and desire that the country continue the progress it has made by the robust fight against recklessness in public service and public management, an unprecedented trend never before seen in the history of Liberia, a trend championed by a dynamic young Liberian professional at the General Auditing Commission, GAC, John S. Morlu.”

The group said it has envisioned what Liberia will look like if the Auditor General were the President of Liberia, as they are convinced, based on Mr. Morlu’s record and character, that he means well for the country, saying, the renaissance he (Morlu) has started must not, and cannot, be stopped or thwarted by politics, for that would carry the country back to the past, a past where recklessness in public service and public management are accorded dignity.

“John Morlu’s uncompromising love for country and bold stance to face Liberia’s menace and the continent’s cancer, corruption, demonstrated through his work at the General Auditing Commission shows there is cause to love Liberia and it is no crime for doing so,” the press release said.


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