>Liberia: U.S.2.5 Million ’26 Audit Result Out Today

>Source: All Africa

Preliminary results of an audit conducted by GAC to investigate how Independence Day celebration funds have been used over the last four years have been released, with the results indicating that huge sums purportedly spent cannot be accounted for.

An audit of the Independence Day celebrations began some months ago, with initial indications that an estimated US2.5m was hanging in money budgeted for Margibi, Grand Bassa, Bong and Nimba Counties.

“They said they paid US$10,000 from the fund of Grand Bassa County to the family of a Chinese woman who was murdered in Barnersville. The money has not been accounted for and there are no receipts. Somebody has got to pay that money back because that was not the purpose for which it was allocated,” a source connected with the audit told this paper Monday.

The GAC said four separate teams of forensic auditors left Monrovia for Nimba, Bong, Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties to probe how taxpayers’ monies were used when the country’s natal day was hosted in each of those counties.

The audit report, which will officially be released today, will determine whether or not expenditures for the holding of the Independence Day programs were transparent, and whether projects earmarked for the programs were undertaken and undertaken effectively and efficiently.

In addition to the four counties, other targets of the audit include the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs (which coordinates the Independence Day celebration), Public Works and the Ministry of Finance.

While the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs was the epicenter of the audit, visits to the counties afforded auditors the opportunity to inspect projects related to the Independence Day and to probe the roles of various local administrations.


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