>Liberia: Mercenary’s ‘Gift’ for Fellow Inmates Lands Him to Prison

>Source: All Africa

Correction officers at the Monrovia Central Prison Friday arrested an ex-NPFL fighter, Dust Utenzi, at the prison gate with narcotics drugs, which he admitted he was carrying as “gift” to some inmates.

Dust Utenzi said he had freshly returned from the Ivory Coast where he fought as mercenary on the side of forces loyal to Alssane Ouattara.

The clerk of Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice charged the ex-NPFL fighter with illegal possession of narcotic drugs and remanded him, pending trial.

Prison officers told New Democrat that Dust Utenzi was booked after he attempted to carry several wraps of narcotic drugs to the inmates as ‘gift’.

Dust Utenzi, who had earlier been released on bail for theft of property, pending trial, claimed that prison officers routinely allowed drugs to reach inmates at the Central prison.

“They just decided to disgrace me, but it is not my first time to bring drugs to fellow inmates here. When I was in prison three months ago, some prison officers helped us to buy drugs. They know me very well. I’m just surprised at their behavior toward me,” he told our reporter at Criminal Court ‘A’.


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