>Liberia: October Line-up – 25 Parties Set, 8 Disqualified

>Source: The New Democrat Mnrovia

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has de-registered 8 political parties and authorized 24 others in addition to one coalition party to field candidates in the impending general elections.

The commission’s decision follows reports that some of the disqualified proposed parties lacked the ability to secure an office and register the required number of members across the country.

The disqualified parties are United Democratic Party (UDP), Independent Democratic Party (IDP), Reform United Party (RUP), National Party of Liberia (NPL), Reform United Liberia Party (RULP), United Democratic Alliance (UDA), Liberia Equal Rights Party (LERP) and the People Democratic Party of Liberia (PDPL).

But the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) of Alhaji Kromah and Rev. Kennedy Sandy’s Freedom Alliance Party of Liberia (FAPL), whose registration papers were earlier withheld by NEC, were qualified Monday to participate in the elections.

In a statement issued on Monday, NEC confirmed the disqualification of the parties following a ruling by the civil law court.

According to the ruling, the parties failed to fulfill their registration requirements, including having branch offices in some counties.

NEC further warned individuals still carrying out political business in the name of the de-registered parties to desist, in order to “avoid unnecessary confusion amongst the electorates.”

Meanwhile, NEC has mandated all electoral magistrates to conduct the general elections in their respective counties in accordance with article 83(a) of the 1986 constitution.

NEC chair Mr. James Fromayan read the mandate, saying: “It authorizes magistrates to conduct elections in their various areas of assignment.”

Though the outcome of the impending referendum, which will set the date for the elections is yet unknown, the writ, according to NEC, also commands the magistrates to conduct all elections on 11 October 2011.

“I do hereby command you to conduct throughout your county of assignment, presidential and legislative elections on the 11th day of October, A.D. 2011,” the writ reads.


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