>Liberia: Corrupt Officials Hurting Liberia’s Development – Catholic Priest

>Written by Clara K. Mallah

Source: FrontPageAfrica

Bopolu, Gbarpolu County- The Father of St. Monica Parish in Gbarpolu County, Gabriel Sawyer, says the development of the country has been hampered by corrupt government officials in the past and is still glaring in the current government.

The clergyman made the statement to journalists in Gbarpolu County when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf recently visited the county.
“There is a lot of money that comes into this country from foreign donations. Every time we hear about the money but we don’t see where the money is going. The money comes directly into government’s hands according to reliable resources but the money is squandered by the officials,” Father Sawyer stressed.

Priest Request: Renominate Morlu

The clergyman also called on the president to re-nominate former auditor general John Morlu for another term if she means to fight corruption.
“I think over the years, John Morlu has proven his substance, and he has done justice to this country.
A very young man gave his life to fight against corruption. If a young man can be so bold to fight against this malice that is sinking the country over the years, and cannot be re-nominated by the president, there is much to be desired,” the priest expressed.

Father Sawyer told reporters that the former Auditor General brought forth an audit report that showed facts that those affected in the reports were corrupt, but none of the report from Mr. Morlu was given credence. Said Father Sawyer
: “I am not saying that without John Morlu corruption cannot be fought, but the president asked for us to give her the second term for continuity. So why is she not listening to the masses so that John Morlu can continue his fight?”.

The catholic priest told reporters that while it is true the president has the constitutional will not to re-nominate Morlu, she should know that she is asking the Liberian people for a second term.

“Is the president aware that the Liberians have the constitutional power to vote for her or not? So if she is telling us to vote for her for continuity because she wants to complete what she has started, why can’t she re-nominate John Morlu?,” the priest asked.

Father Sawyer said the prayer rendered at the program should be listened to by the president because it was the spirit of God directing him to say the prayer. “We know she’s a loving mother, and I believe God will touch her heart to re-nominate Morlu. We have not written her formally, but with the prayer, I am hoping the president will honour it and re-nominate John Morlu,” the priest noted.

Father Sawyer said his calls to the president for the re-nomination of Morlu was strictly personal and not as a speaker or representative of the Archdiocese of Monrovia. “Those are my views and as a Liberian, and a pastor of the St. Monica Parish I am only expressing what I think is right,” he said.


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