>Political Maneuverings’: CDCians for Ellen Rally Marred by Arrests, Brutality


Written by David B. Kolleh

Source: FrontPage Africa
Monrovia – The Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic (CDC) Mr. Acarous Gray claims a program organized by a group under the banner of  ‘Free Thinkers’ of the Congress of CDC expressing support for the Incumbent leadership is an act of “Political Criminality.”

Gray in an interview with FrontPage Africa late Wednesday said, the appearance of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s photo on the CDC flag at a program that was planned to give her support in the ensuring General and Presidential elections, justifies that the ruling party is bent on what he calls “demonic political maneuverings” and creating an uneven playing field for other political parties in the country.

Desperate for power’
“These people are desperate for state power. Look around you, see what’s going on; they have started to penetrate the rings of almost every political establishment in this country, and we will not allow any form of anti-democratic vices to take place in our very eyes in such a broad day light.” Gray told FPA.

The CDC secretary also said one of his able lieutenants Mr. Jefferson Koijee was wounded by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), but LNP officials who hesitant to speak to journalists on the matter said they were simply trying to put things under control.

Gray said “This is a sign of defeat and shame for the ruling party. If they will allow people who have nothing to protect in their entire life, will now begin to lie to them that they can bring people in the CDC to them and they give them money for such service, it means then that they are not confident in the way they have governed Liberia over the last five years, and would see the people disgruntlement at the polls. Besides, these are people who in recent time declared support for madam Sirleaf and others who left the party for more than two years now, who can they be claiming to still be partisans of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change;” Gray asked.

Eugene Nagbe Plan fails

Jefferson Koijee, a CDC supporter says he was injured during the melee Wednesday.

Jerome Koijee, a supporter of the Congress for Democratic who claimed to be one of the survivals of police raid on him and other CDCians, on Tuesday narrated what led to the attack.

Koijee explained that the incident occurred after a group of CDC supporters were misled by their former Secretary General Eugene Nagbe who invited them under false pretense.

According to Koijee, Nagbe called dozens of the CDCIANS with the conviction that he wanted their presence as a rally around him because he wanted to make an about face by denouncing his support to the ruling Unity Party.

“We did not hesitate to go to his call because we felt that politics was all about dialogue, leading us to take him by his words that he really wanted to return to the CDC after breaking apart nearly two months ago, Koijee said. Behold, Koijee said, it was a deception only to see banners and placards bearing the CDC emblems, seals and with the inscription CDCIANS for Ellen, old Ma, CDCIANS love you.

In protest to the position, and not wanting to be a part of him to suggest that they were in support, Koijee continued, they decided to disrupt the function by seizing the banner and some of the placards.

Broh denies giving arrest order
Acting Monrovia City Mayor Mary Broh denies ordering arrest, detention of protesters

In the wake of tension that mounted between the CDCIANS and few loyalists Nagbe had earlier carried, calling themselves ‘independent thinkers’, City Mayor Broh decided to intervene by ordering their arrest.

He claimed many of them were brutalized by PSU officers of the Liberia National police as others fled to various paths including him with the help of his collogues of the University of Liberia.

Koijee displayed several burses he allegedly sustained from the reported attack by the police officers.

Meanwhile City Mayor Mary Broh has confirmed having heard about a scuffle between some CDCIANS and officers of the LNP, accusing the partisans of unruly acts.

Broh maintained she could not understand why the partisans had to engage in hooliganism by breaking chairs and tables intended for use, though she denied ever giving any arrest order.


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