Liberia: Tubman Somersaults On Referendum

Written by E. J. Nathaniel

Source: The New Dawn

Cllr. Winston Tubman

Barely a day to the National Referendum, the Standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Cllr. Winston Tubman has somersaulted on his earlier call for a boycott.
“I said that we at the CDC announced boycott of the referendum because we knew that the referendum is unconstitutional; the government, especially the ruling Unity Party and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf are wantonly calling for the referendum so that if voted on, their standard bearer will fit with the residency clause from ten years to five [years].

“But if you as citizens are sincerely convinced and want to exercise Constitutional responsibility, you can do so”, Tubman told students on the Po River campus of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University on Friday.
Tubman, a Harvard-trained lawyer, said it is beyond the imagination of human thinking and incredible for a sitting administration to deliberately violates the organic law of the land with the sole objective of covering an individual.
“We at CDC believe that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is gradually damaging the Liberian Constitution and before people realize it, it may be too late”, he warned. The one time Justice Minister said he feels terrible and appalling for a constitutionally sitting government to persistently violate the law book of the country.

He said the Liberian Constitution calls for the hosting of a national referendum one year ahead of general and presidential elections so that the National Elections Commission and other stakeholders will have sufficient time to create awareness and state the importance of said referendum, “but government with some best brains in the country chose to violate [the Constitution] at the expense of the Liberian people.”

He called on CDcians and young people to void violence, indicating that violence has derailed the developmental agenda and corrupted the minds of the youths, adding “I normally tell the young people, what you did not build, don’t destroy because the next generation will question you and children to come, and you may not be there to give reasons for [your] actions.”

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