“Yes” Votes Top Referendum Preliminary Results

Source: Heritage Monrovia

The National Elections Commission(NEC) Thursday announced preliminary results of the just held National Referendum, with the “Yes” Votes topping the “No” Votes  and the Invalid Votes.  Releasing the first preliminary results at a press briefing held at the NEC headquarters in Sinkor, Monrovia, NEC Chairman, James M. Fromayan, reports that the preliminary results cover 935 of 4,457 polling places spread across the 1780 Voting Precincts.

According to him, Preposition 1 Amendment  to Article 52(c) records  55, 137 “Yes” Votes, 50,128 “No” Votes, 15,331 Invalid Votes and 120,596 Total Votes.

Regarding Proposition 2 Amendment to Article 72(b), he reports 43,825 “Yes” Votes, 61,851 “No” Votes, 14,920 Invalid Votes and 120, 596 total Votes while Proposition 3 Amendment to Article 83(a) he says records 57,646 “Yes”  Votes, 47,612 “No” Votes, 15,338 Invalid Votes and 120,596 Total Votes.
For Proposition 4 Amendment to Article 83(a), the NEC chairman reports 66,170 for “Yes”
Votes, 38,191 for “No” Votes, 16,235 Invalid votes and 120, 596 Total Votes.    
He adds that the Commission will today, Friday, August 26, 2011 announce more results.          
On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, eligible voters across the country voted in the much-publicized national referendum to amend provisions of the 1986 Liberian Constitution.

The referendum stems from a joint resolution approved by the Legislature on September 10, 2010.
The referendum seeks to amend articles 52 ©, 72 (b), and article 83 (a) and (b) of the constitution. Eligible voters are to vote “yes” or “no” for each of the prepositions during the referendum. Preposition one, (article 52 c) proposed a reduction to the controversial residency clause for the President and Vice President from 10 years to 5 consecutive years. Preposition two, (72 b) proposes an increment in the retirement age of the Chief Justice and associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia and judges of subordinate court of records from 70 years to 75 years. Preposition three, article 83 (a) proposes a change in the electoral date from the second Tuesday in October of every election year to the second Tuesday in November of every voting year. Preposition four, article 83 (b) proposes that all election for public office shall be determined by simple majority except for the president and vice president.

Tuesday’s referendum was crucial because it was the second ever referendum to be held in Liberia since its existence in 1847.

The first ever referendum to be conducted in Liberia was in 1945, (98 years) after independence.

The referendum was conducted in a peaceful manner with no violence reported.


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