Liberia: Proposition Two Suffers Defeat in Referendum

Source: African Elections Project (Accra Ghana)

As the National Elections Commission continues to release updates on the just ended national referendum, statistics has shown that proposition 2 which calls for increment in the retirement age of the Chief Justice, Associate Justices and judges of subordinate courts of record is receiving defeat.
NEC’s statistics from 4,418 polling places out of the 4,457 in the entire country indicates that ‘yes’ votes for proposition 2 amount to 218,179 while ‘no’ votes have reached the peak of 317,957. Invalid votes stand at 71,554.

Views gathered from voters earlier had it that the 75 years retirement age was too much for some people to be in power when there are other competent Liberians to succeed these people.

Statistics also indicates that proposition 1 which calls for amendment in Article 72b, has the total ‘yes’ votes of 288,058 while ‘no’ votes amount to 243,567. Invalid vote is at 76,065. This proposition calls for reduction in the year a presidential candidate must reside in the country from 10 years to 5 consecutive years.

Also, NEC’s statistics has shown that proposition 3 that calls for change of election date from the second Tuesday in October to November has received ‘yes’ votes of 303,250 while ‘no’ stands at 231738. Invalid is 72,702.

Proposition 4, a clause that calls for simple majority victory for Legislators and other elected officials besides President and Vice President, has received the total ‘yes’ votes of 359,545 while ‘no votes stand at 172,608. Invalid vote is at 75,537.

So far, proposition 4 is the clause that is dominating with the highest ‘yes’ votes among the four propositions. The highest score is from the backdrop that having election in succession as called for by absolute majority is very costly and time consuming.

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