Group Demands Clarity From Senator Prince Y. Johnson

Source: Heritage (Monrovia)

A group calling itself- Citizens for Constructive Engagement has frowned at what it called negative utterances made by some political leaders, saying they have the propensity to undermine the country’s nascent democracy. In a press release issued in Monrovia over the weekend, the Citizens for Constructive Engagement made specific reference to the standard bearer of the National Union for Democratic Progress(NUDP), Senator Prince Y. Johnson, who is generally called PYJ. The group claimed Senator Johnson while on a campaign tour recently “scared the Liberian people” by calling on them to store more food because it will not be easy before and after the elections.”

But the claim attributed to the NUDP presidential candidate has not been independently verified by this paper.

However, the group wants clarity from the NUDP’s political leader regarding his alleged scared comments.
“What will not be easy is that which the citizens for Constructive engagement demands clarity.” Said the group in the press release.

Meanwhile, the Citizens for Constructive Engagement has cautioned political leaders to be mindful of their comments, especially during these electoral process. They called on the government to remain ever vigilant to prosecute anyone who makes “reckless and irresponsible statements that could undermine our high earned democracy.”


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