Liberia: Senator Johnson Denies Making Threatening Remarks

Source: Front Page Africa

Senator Prince Johnson
The recent statement ascribed to Nimba County Senior Senator Prince Y. Johnson, that Liberian should keep enough food in their homes has sparked heated debate among various groups and individuals in the country, but Senator Prince Johnson denies the allegation made by a local daily which quoted the Senator as saying: “Liberians store enough food in your houses because it will not be easy during and after elections.”
Dr. Kardiker Rex-Dahn

One of Nimba County’s prominent sons Dr. Kardiker Rex-Dahn, Deputy Minister of Planning Research and Development, Ministry of Education termed Senator Johnson statement as a threat and said the Senator was not speaking for the citizens of Nimba:

“The statement made by my County’s Senior Senator Prince Johnson, when he called on every Liberian to keep food in their houses is threatening and incriminating the Nimba Citizens who are peace loving people.”

He said Senator Johnson who played a major role in the Country’s civil war should not make such statement that has the propensity of creating a cloud of fear over peaceful citizens.

“Senator Johnson was one of the actors in the Country’s civil conflict and for a Senator who has such a background to make such a public statement seems not to be in the interest of the people of this country.”

Dr. Dahn said he has written a letter to the US Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield and UNMIL boss Ellen Margret Loj, to call Senator Johnson to give justification for his statement.
“I am therefore calling on all Liberians to know Senator Johnson is not speaking for us, so he should not make the citizens look bad for nothing.”
Senator Johnson speaking to FrontPage Africa via mobile phone denied the allegation and termed it as false and misleading.
“That statement is not true; somebody is trying to frame me up. How can I in my right senses, make such statement to threaten people when I want their votes?”

A group named Citizens for Constructive Engagement said in a press release that its attention has been drawn to what they term as (devious politicians seeking the presidency).

“It can be recalled recently the former rebel general Prince Johnson, now Senior Senator of Nimba County and a presidential candidate, made statement of threats and fears which, if not prevented, could lead us back to our immediate ‘ugly’ past in which he finds pleasure and satisfaction,”  the statement reads.

The group accused the Senator of scaring peaceful citizens by suggesting that they should store enough food in their houses because it will not be easy during and after elections.

“What will not be easy? As this group retrospect on the month September 1990, when the Nation lost its late President Samuel K. Doe at the operation of Senator Johnson,” the group stated.

The Nimba County Senator also said some newspapers are paid to lie on others just to tarnish their characters adding: “The paper said I made the statement in Redlight when I cannot remember when last I visited Redlight. Is it my birth right to be president that if I don’t win, then I should bring war?” he said.

The Group concluded in its release that the elections do not mean lawlessness and as such, the government of Liberia should remain ever vigilant to prosecute anyone who makes reckless and irresponsible statements that could undermine Liberia’s hard-earned democracy.

But the NUDP Standard Bearer termed statement as rubbish, because he is helping with security in the Country: “How can I make such statement when I am working along with the ECOWAS committee on security to ensure peace and stability?” he concluded.


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