Liberia: Prohibition case resumes Tuesday

Hearing into the lawsuit (petition) for Writ of Prohibition, seeking to revoke the candidacies of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ambassador Winston Tubman, Clr Charles Brumskine, Ambassador Dew Mayson, Senator Prince Johnson and others is expected to resume next Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at the Supreme Court. In the last few days, we have been aggressively scrambling without sleep to get legal representation. Initially, it was extremely difficult to get a lawyer in Monrovia to even file the petition. Now, that the case has grabbed intense national attention and international media outlets have been reporting on the case, the challenge has been even more cumbersome for us. But we will have legal representation at the hearing.
 I know, our action is extraordinary in Liberia, for ordinary citizens to challenge, for the first time, the eligibility of a sitting President and many of the leading political leaders of our country, to run for President. This is very much unusual in Liberia. As a people,. we are used to letting everything go, just like that, especially if it involves our President. Of course, the easiest route was for all of us was to sit supinely and do nothing, so that the Elections Commission decision to qualify President Sirleaf and others, can go unchallenged. But our democracy will only work if we, as citizens begin to hold our leaders to account for the decisions/actions they take or fail to take. Being passive will only lead to another dictatorship in Liberia. Dictatorship leads to political instability.
Abraham Massaley

Former President, Press Union of Liberia


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