Liberia: Supreme Court Sets Stage For Confusion

By Samuel Doe
The standard bearer of the Victory for Change political Party (VFC) Cllr. Marcus Jones has claimed that recent decision rendered by the Supreme Court to send down a ruling in favor of the simple majority proposition that was voted against during the just ended national referendum to the NEC for implementation in the pending election is a total violation of the Liberian constitution.
On Tuesday, September 20, 2011, the high court in the land ruled that the Simple Majority proposition in the August 23 National Referendum stands as proposed by the National Legislature, and then instructed the National Elections  Commission(NEC) to implement the its verdict during the 2011 October polls.
However, the latest action by the court appears to have fallen on slippery grounds, as the political leader of the Victory For Change Party Marcus Jones laments, the Court’s decision, he said, is in total contravention   of the Liberian constitution.

Speaking to the Analyst newspaper, the VFC’s Standard Bearer argued that it was wrong for the Supreme Court to interfere in the referendum result that he claimed represents the voices of the Liberian people.

“The Supreme Court is tempering with the results of the referendum which is in violation of article 76 Section (5) of the constitution which is treasonable”, the VFC standard said. Cllr. Jones narrated that the international community was carefully watching the 2011 elections in Liberia, and as such, he intoned, “one must be careful how to make decision that will represent the cross section of the Liberian people.”
“If for any reason there is a need for the National Elections Commission (NEC) or the Liberian people wanted to change any clause in the referendum, it should be done in the holding of another referendum that will be scheduled another time”, Cllr. Marcus Jones suggested, and described  the High Court’s action as a recipe  for confusion.

“I thing the Supreme Court is setting the stage for confusion which in my view should not happen. We should do all we can to protect our constitution”, the constitutional lawyer indicated.
Cllr. Marcus Jones, during the 2005 general elections took the NEC to court for grossly leaving out his name and not having party’s emblem printed on the ballot papers, something  which led to the intervention of the regional body ECOWAS.

It is not clear what will be his next action, but many fear that any inflammatory deed against the court could lead to the disruption of the 2011 general elections, as there have been mountain calls in recent months for   the head of the National Elections Commission Chairman James Fromayan to resign his post as the commission’s boss over allegation that he (Fromayan) is favoring the standard bearer of the Ruling Unity Party, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is seeking term in office


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