Liberia: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf won a "Nonviolence Nobel Peace Prize"

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Born: 1938
On her father’s side she is a decedent of a traditional chief while her mother’s father was a German trader living in Liberia. It is beleived that her Mother’s father was an undercover German diplomat in Liberia during Nazi Germany rule.
Many Liberians believed that her mother’s father entered Liberia as a business man but was no longer welcomed in Liberia because of his involvement in spying on an American instillation near Monrovia.  As a result He was granted Persona non grata meaning he was deported from Liberia.
It is also believed that  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s German connections may have attracted more support from friends of her mother’s Father working in the current German government.
Married aged 17 to James Sirleaf, later divorced
Studied economics at Harvard
1979: Named Minister of Finance
1980: Fled after military coup
1989: Sent huge amount of money to help Charles Taylor’s rebellion against President Samuel Doe in Liberia. Thousands of people including women and children were killed by Charles Taylor’s rebels during this period.
1992: Africa director, UNDP
1997: Lost elections to Charles Taylor, returned to exile
2005: Defeated former football star George Weah in election run-off

2009: Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommended that she be barred from holding public office for 30 years for her role in backing Mr Taylor, who is currently on trial for war crimes in The Hague. She has ignored the ruling.
2011: Won a Nonviolence Nobel Peace Prize, seeks re-election


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