Liberia: TQ Harris supports CDC

Weaver Street
Mr. TQ Harris Jr.
The conduct of free, fair, transparent elections and internationally accepted results will be the yardstick by which Liberia’s nascent democracy will be measured as well as an indication of the progress that has been made since the debacle which began in 1990. 
There are several pillars upon which a successful democracy rest, included among these is the Rule of Law. In my estimation rule of law is paramount. Therefore I firmly believe that not implementing the TRC recommendations in a timely manner, pursuing justice for victims of the brutal 14-year war, and giving highest priority to national reconciliation was wrong and an act of selfishness on the part of our President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It is fool hearted to believe a nation of substance and relevance can be built upon criminality, injustice, fear and impunity; our people, therefore, must be disabused of this fallacy.
I am also of the belief that the men and women currently seeking the Presidency are good citizens and do mean well for the country. But at the end of the process only one person will emerge victorious. So I hope we will all join hands and support that person for the good of our common patrimony. 
In view of the above I am herewith lending my fullest support and pledging my vote to Counsellor Winston A. Tubman and Ambassador George M. Weah of the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC).
I would like to use this occasion to call upon the Friends of TQ Harris (FOTQ) to join me in voting for the CDC candidates.  And I ask all Liberians to ensure that the elections are successful.
Thank you.

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