Liberia: CDC To Boycott Runoff


Sources close to the CDC hierarchy say the Party is currently preparing to stay away from the imminent runoff election scheduled to take place in November, 2011 because of that it called massive fraud carried out by the NEC in the just concluded October 11 elections.

According to the report, CDC is prepared to present bundle of evidences to the Liberian people about claims made by the party that NEC cheated and or manipulated the votes in favor of incumbent Ellen Sirleaf following the end of the conduct of the general and presidential elections. The party latest decision is said to have derived from a meeting which took place on October 22, 2011 at the   party’s Congo Town office, our insider said. Following the meeting which lasted for   lasted for over three hours, the CDC is said to have agreed in a resolution to engage the NEC following pronouncement of the Commission’s final results scheduled to take place today, October 25, 2011.

Subsequently, our source hinted, a position statement is also expected to be released to the press regarding the party’s position on the NEC’s final results. Our informer also indicated that CDC, through thousands of signatures already obtained from Montserrado County in the past few days, will demand the government, local and international stakeholders for Mr. James Fromoyan, Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to be replaced with his Co-Chair, Cllr. Elizabeth B. Nelson, as a precondition for entering into the runoff.

According to the information, thousands  of CDC Partisans are said to be disenchanted over the manner in which  NEC counted the votes,  with many of them expressing disbeliefs  that over five hundred thousand plus registered voters could abstain from the voting process without acting on  the instruction of anyone, or may have travelled, died or have lost their voting cards, and concluded that they will not compromise the party’s decision unless NEC Boss, James Fromoyan, departs  the Commission  and is replaced by his Co-Chair, vowing  that the party will remain resolute on its position.

The news of boycott from the runoff election by the CDC also comes in the wake of complaints filed to the NEC by some opposition political parties, including the CDC, about the Commission’s quote-on-quote unfair handling of the October 11th 2011 electoral process. It can be recalled that nine opposition political parties under the umbrella “Union of Opposition Political Parties”, recently threatened to reject the results of the 2011 election if the NEC did not stop the counting process in the manner in which it did, but later backtracked on its stance and said they will be part of the runoff and also promised to peacefully and constructively engage the NEC during the process.

Also, cogent information from the CDC Camp indicates that the intent of the party is to ensure a total recount of the ballot papers, and that a possible constitutional debate could arise from the complaints filed by the CDC, thus leading to a possible interim leadership for the country that could see incumbent Ellen Sirleaf out of the Executive Mansion.

The Liberian constitution is not clear on what should happen in the event of a boycott by one of the competing parties in the presidential race, but Political Observers say any attempt on the part of the CDC to stay away from the runoff could undermine the nation’s democratization process and may also lead the country to a prolonged constitutional crisis, something many say could stall and or reverse progress made the country in recent years.

Though the latest information emanating from the CDC camp has not been independently verified by this paper, but its standard bearer, Cllr. Winston A. Tubman, returning from Ghana on Sunday, October 23, 2011, repeated similar allegation that the votes counting process was manipulated in favor of Madam Sirleaf, and claimed further  that the party won in the first round of the elections,  but, nonetheless, refused to state his party’s position on rumours that it was preparing to boycott the runoff.

“I am not an independent candidate”, Winston Tubman said. “I am leader of a political party and I will go wherever my partisans urge me to go and will do exactly what they ask me to do”, Cllr. Tubman said in an interview with the Power TV. With the leak of this information to the media, Political Commentators say Liberians are now uncertain as to which direction the country is possibly heading.


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