Liberia: CDC Officially Announce Withdrawal From Run-Off

Source: African Elections Project (Accra)

The major opposition political party CDC has made it official its position to boycott the run off polls until some demands are met.

In an address to press men in Monrovia on Wednesday, the deputy spokesman of the CDC George Solo on behalf of party officials said that, “we will not engage in the process because the current leadership at NEC is not credible and we are asking NEC not to print ballot papers with our candidates’ names’.

In an address that was sealed by the party’s Secretary General, Acarous Gray signature, the party said that NEC’s chairman Fromayan has been biased, reckless and unruly in his actions and utterances against their membership. They also accused him of being an staunch member of the Unity Party hence skewing results to favour the incumbent President.

They cautioned the national Electoral Commission (NEC) to refrain from printing their standard bearer’s name on any ballot paper until investigations are conducted into their claims of election malpractice or their demands are met.

The party, amongst other things, also called for the removal or replacement of commissioners of the National Elections Commission, including Chairman James Fromayan and requested the government to replace the NEC Chair with another credible Liberian or bring in foreign person to conduct the run-off election.

Conspicuously missing at the press conference was the standard bearer of the CDC, Winston Tubman, who some have quoted as saying he was not consulted before a press conference was held.

Despite the boycott of the main opponent in the second round bout, campaign for the November 8, 2011 runoff presidential elections between the governing Unity Party (UP) and its main opponent, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) commenced Tuesday, immediately after the National Elections Commission announced final results of the October 11 polls.


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