Liberia: Is President Sirleaf a US citizen?

Is President Sirleaf a US citizen?
Written by Bernard Gbayee Goah
If the President of Liberia has dual citizenship of two countries (Liberia and United States of America), any Liberian who wants to, must be allowed to do the same …
What’s good for John may as well be good for Paul …
President Johnson-Sirleaf was accused by FrontpageAfrica in 2005 of being an American citizen.
Also, according to Johnson S. Morlu (former Auditor general of Liberia), “In her State of the Nation Addresses President Sirleaf said nearly all senior Government officials hold American citizenship.” John Morlu writes “She even admitted in the interview with FPA that the Senate has complained that she always sent to them Liberians holding American citizenship. “
In his article entitled, “My Response to President Ellen Johnson” Former Auditor General John S. Morlu presented names of people holding American passport in President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government:
• Senior Advisor to the President, Robert Sirleaf – US citizen
• Legal Advisor to the President, Estrada Bernard– US citizen
• Acting City Mayor, Mary Mbroh– US citizen
• LPRC Deputy MD, Martu Tubman– US citizen
• NPA MD Wookie Parker– US citizen
• Former NIC Boss, Richard Tolbert– US citizen
• Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines, Sam Russ– US citizen
• Maritime Commissioner, Binyah Kessely– US citizen
• Former Agriculture Minister, Chris Toe– US citizen
• Former Minister of Public Works, Loseni Donzo– US citizen
• Security Personnel are all American citizens– US citizen
John Morlu complained, “Why is the President throwing mud on me when her children, including my own friend Robert Sirleaf the son of the President holds an American passport and she too stands accused. President Sirleaf appointed a Nigerian to serve as Army Chief of Staff of the Arm Forces of Liberia. Liberians that fled after 1980 coup that brought Samuel Doe to power, those that left after Samuel Doe was overthrown in 1990 have acquired American and European citizenships. Liberians that left during and after Charles Taylor are all struggling to get European and American citizenships. Throughout Liberian history, Government officials have sent their wives to give birth in Europe and America just so their kids can become Europeans and Americans.”
If the President of Liberia is allowed to have dual citizenship of two countries (Liberia and United States of America) , any Liberian who wants to, should as well be allowed to  do the same…
President Sirleaf, I look forward to hearing from you on this issue. Are you a Liberian and at the same time a citizen of the United States of America?


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