Liberia: 56% Illiterate Population Targeted

Source: The New Dawn Liberia
By Winston W. Parley

Education authorities and partners from (UNESCO) and (USAID) have converged in Monrovia to discuss a 15-year Strategic Plan of Action for Liberia’s Alternative Basic Education (ABE).

The ABE initiative under the Ministry of Education, seeks to target providing functional literacy, especially adult literacy for the approximate 56 percent of the illiterate population of Liberia by 2025.
The percentage was determined from the 2008 National Census Result of the 3.5 million population of Liberia.
Based on the document still undergoing discussions at the Family Planning on 18th Street, Sinkor, the ABE visionaries are anticipating some concrete measures not to allow the plan of action be a mere inventory of document.
Making introductory remark, ABE Consultant Dr. Abba Haladu told participants yesterday that the document represents a long term and short term frame work which would enable the Ministry of Education to focus on the result of the envisaged actions to be implemented by 2015.
He however said the ambition of the long term frame work is to ensure that every Liberian is functionally literate by 2025.
The ABE vision is to provide for older people, youth and school drop-outs with the necessary knowledge and skills to function and contribute positively towards the socio-economic development of the society and the nation.
At the climax of the exercise, decisions will be reached to identify communities requiring ABE Centers across the counties. Already, participants have suggested that carrying on programs in line with the exercise could be an alternative.


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