Operation We Care For Liberia wants working partnership with Human Rights Watch

Operation We Care For Liberia
Portland, OR USA

Ms. Elise Keppler (Senior Counsel)
International Justice Program
Human Rights Watch
350 fifth Avenue, 34th floor
New York, NY10118

Ref: Request to Develop A Lusty Partnership

Dear Madam:

We the above institution mentioned herein write to request a working partnership/relationship with your institution. Over the period, we have worked by educating and infusing bravery into the minds of hapless victims, and those individuals who are appalling eyewitnesses to the Liberian civil war to come forward.

The purpose for requesting a working partnership with your institution (Human Rights Watch) is to help alleviate difficulties associated with identifying and tracking of individuals responsible for various crimes committed within Liberia. We partnering with your institution would greatly reduce “authentic information gathering work load” which often retard and impede the ability of organizations responsible for the prosecution of perpetrators of various crimes.  We will be willing to help human rights institutions, including Amnesty International, and governments of the free world in the process of evidence gathering that would lead to prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Individuals from our institution have been involved with evidence gathering as per Charles Taylor case in The Hague (Den Hagg)Netherlands, Chucky Taylor jr and George Boley cases in the United States of America as well as others currently wanted individuals of interest.

We await your soonest response.

Mr. Jackson Zleh Towah (Undersecretary)

Mr. Bernard Gbayee Goah (International President)

Email: goahbg@gmail.com

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