Recommendation to the Liberian government on AFRICOM

Recommendation to the Liberian government on AFRICOM 
Officially posted: 11/04/07 – Bernard Gbayee Goah,

I live in the USA. I have looked around for some time now and it appears to me that Liberia does not have a military presence in any part of the world. Those whom I know from Liberia that are wearing military uniforms here, in the United States, are either US Citizens or permanent residents of the United States. I understand that Liberia is a small country; however I also know that Liberia is a sovereign nation just like the United States of America. Regardless of Liberia’s size, the United States should understand that the interest of the Liberian people must be protected in any agreement that is carried out between the United States and Liberia.If the intention of AFRICOM is for the good of mankind and not in the interest of control, power, suppression, or economic gain, then I wish to recommend the following for national consideration:
The United States must help to train the Liberian military and paramilitary to serve as allies to the US military in their attempt to eliminate terrorism.Modern sophisticated military equipment and technological education must be provided to the Liberian military and paramilitary to be able to cope with modern warfare.

An agreement must be reached between the Liberian Government and the United States Government to protect Liberia against any form of military domination with the intention to control and/or suppress the people of Liberia.

Any military endeavor will not be used as a stepping stone for any Liberian president to remain in power against the will of the Liberian people; Any military endeavor, in regards to protecting the environment, will truly protect the natural resources of Liberia and will abstain from any form of military trade that will solely and wholly depend upon the abstraction of Liberia’s natural resources.

Such agreements will not be used as a conduit for US corporations such as Wal-Mart or others to put small Liberian businesses out of business.

All military equipments and technologies that are associated with harmful chemicals and radiation that are unhealthy for the civil society of Liberia will not constitute part of this agreement in any way.

The prior system of technology that was used to build the Omega tower must be reexamined and be revised to meet the international environmental safety standard to reduce the effects of radiation to those Liberians living near the tower as well as those living within a 25 miles radius from the tower. Treatment packages must be provided to Liberians who have worked in the Omega tower or who have lived in close proximity to the tower and who have developed health problems or may develop future health problems as a result of exposure to radiation or other chemicals.

The first group of paramilitary to receive training once the entire requirement of the agreements is met should be the NSA, Immigration Services, and the Coast Guard service of Liberia. This will secure the Liberian borders and waters. The Coast Guard service should receive US Navy training or something similar to understand everything that is within the parameters of the Liberian waters including potential cruel oil possibilities.

The military endeavor must in no way weaken the power of the Liberian currency, but must enhance and protect the interests and investments of the Liberian populace.ECOWAS and two thirds of the African Union member states must be signatories to the AFRICOM agreement.

This agreement will remain open to visitation and reexamination in the form of additions and subtractions to suit the interests of the Liberian people at any time including now and in the future to come.

Finally, the intended AFRICOM agreement between the United States and the Republic of Liberia must be solely in the interest of mankind, made in good faith, and without any hidden or ulterior motives.

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