Speak Out! Do Something!!! Liberia Needs you!!!!

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Speak Out! Do Something!!! Liberia Needs you!!!!

Since cessation of hostilities in 2003 Liberians have not taken definitive measures to prevent a repeat of another civil madness. The absence of war in Liberia currently, which is only due primarily to the presence of UN Troops on the ground, does not equate to peace. To believe other-wise is a complete illusion.

Unlike Sierra Leone, Rwanda and other countries where in the post-conflict period maximum attention has been given to tackling the root causes of the violence in order to ensure deterrence; Liberia, on the other hand, has done just the opposite. Those who orchestrated the mayhem are now ruling the country and dictating the pace of reconciliation. This is no way to restore peace following a brutal war where more than 250,000 civilians were murdered and almost the entire population uprooted.
Also, while these very mayhem orchestrators are a tiny minority having more than enough to live comfortably, the vast majority of the population has nothing to live for; it is impossible for there to be sustainable peace.  The vast majority of Liberians live on less than one dollar a day; undoubtedly, there is a need for change in the way Liberia is governed.  As we can all see today, Liberia’s just ended elections has produced a grieve cause for concern. Liberia is about to turn yet again into a one-party state, knowing full well this produces dictatorship, dictatorship causes rebellion; rebellion leads to war; and war means bloodshed!!! Evil has overtaken Liberia and is again prepared to destroy everything in sight.
We want you to think about what is about to happen in that part of the world.
Join Operation We Care for Liberia today and become an agent of positive change. Stand for justice in Liberia! Let those who caused the deaths of over 250,000 innocent people not be allowed to walk freely. Speak out because this is the right thing to do!!!
Bernard Gbayee Goah
President, Operation We Care for Liberia   Email: goahbg@gmail..com  


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