The unspeakable horrors inside Duokoue Ivory Coast

Published on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 

The unspeakable horrors inside Duokoue Ivory Coast
Written by Bernard Gbayee Goah
Portland Oregon USA
The unspeakable horrors are now exposed by what the outside world does not see inside Duoukoue Ivory Coast.
When it is all over, anyone visiting Doukeu would largely find empty houses across the city with few foreign residents.

Looking for the original residents of Doukeu would be like entering Warsaw after World War II and looking for Jews.

A visitor would not need to tour all of Doukeu to know that something terrible had happened.

Shockingly, under the watchful eyes of the United Nations, an unspeakable mass slaughter of innocent men, women, and children took place in that part of the world.

Many critics believe that the “Duoukoue slaughter” was not an isolated outburst from thin air but rather a calculated act designed and  carried out by elements backed by the international community and the African Union.


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