President Sirleaf in Error – Rep. Lawrence

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor
Source: The New Dawn

Montserrado County Representative Adolph Lawrence says President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made a serious error in the appointment of people with no educational knowledge in carbon hydro studies to the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).


Rep. Lawrence said the Act that created the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), specifically Section (7) Paragraph (2) clearly states that individuals, who constitute the Board of Directors of NOCAL should have knowledge on carbon hydrogen, but unfortunately, the President failed to abide by this stipulation and instead, appointed people, who are her associates, including her eldest son, Robert Sirleaf as Chairman of the Board.

Speaking to Legislative Reporters, Rep. Lawrence said the President’s action violates the NOCAL Act and also undermines recommendations put forward by the House of Representatives, calling on the President to reconstitute the entire Board.     

According to him, the President also blundered by appointing people, who are already members of the technical committee of the National Oil Company of Liberia on the Board of Directors, something he noted, is a clear indication that the action is intended to create serious national confusion in the near future if the situation is not corrected now.

He cautioned that Liberia is new in the natural oil business, and needs to learn from mistakes of other countries, including Nigeria where one of the root causes of the endless violence in the country is the wrong approach in managing resources from the God-given natural oil.

The former Lands, Mines and Energy Minister lamented that the President will not have an easy ride  in pushing the people of Liberia around about the country’s oil, which is not yet fully discovered.

He noted that the House of Representatives Statutory Committee on Natural Resources and Energy will fully engage the Executive Branch of Government on issues relating to the restructuring of the National Oil Company of Liberia for proper administration.


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