Liberia: George Boley’s Brother Seizes FrontPageAfrica Editor’s Camera

At Ex-Warlord’s Arrival, George Boley’s Brother Seizes FrontPageAfrica Editor’s Camera

Monrovia-Dweh Boley, the brother of former Liberian warlord George Boley seized a camera belonging to FrontPageAfrica’s newsroom editor Wade Williams late Friday afternoon upon the orders of University of Liberia journalism professor Weade Kobbah Wureh.
Williams had arrived on the scene to cover the arrival of Mr. Boley from the United States of America from where he was deported a day earlier.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Buffalo say Boley, 62, accused of leading a faction responsible for human rights abuses during the civil war and live in the Rochester suburb of Hilton, was sent to Monrovia, Liberia, on Friday.
An immigration judge last month ordered Boley removed under the Child Soldiers Accountability Act of 2008, which added the recruitment and use of child soldiers as grounds for deportation.
The judge also found Boley couldn’t stay in the U.S. based on the government’s allegations that he committed extrajudicial killings in Liberia in the 1990s and had abandoned his lawful permanent resident status.
His family has adamantly denied the allegations. Boley was arrested in 2010.
Eyewitnesses on the scene saw Boley’s younger brother seize Editor Williams’ camera in the presence of Wureh, who remarked that she was a journalism professor and former journalist well abreast with journalism ethics and that Williams was wrong to take a photo of Boley.
Kobbah-Wureh later had a change of heart and told the FPA editor that she would intervene to have the camera returned. The camera was however returned with all of the photos taken earlier deleted by Boley’s brother Dweh.
Boley who arrived at the Roberts International Airport Friday was not handcuffed and was released shortly to the custody of family members after a brief appearance at the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.


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