Former NPFL boss Cyril Allen: Liberia’s TRC Undercharged Me

Mr. Cyril Allen

Source: New Democrat Liberia
Mr. Cyril Allen, one of the most faithful generals of the erstwhile rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) has expressed dismay that instead of charging him as “one of those who bear the greatest responsibilities of the Liberian civil war”, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) “undercharged” him.
The TRC report charged Mr. Allen, a staunch ally of Mr. Charles Taylor in his 14-year war efforts in Liberia, as “aiding and abetting the war”—a similar charge levied against former fighters.
But Mr. Allen being interviewed live on Truth FM radio last week, spewed: “I am one of those who bear the greatest responsibilities of the war. They did not even charge me as one of those.”
“I was one of the leaders of the NPFL and they simply said aiding and abetting. And I think that it is unfair for you to do that to me and name  young generals who were on the field fighting.”
“We, who were the leaders of the NPFL…they simply said aiding and abetting,” he wondered.
He added: “I think whatever way, they charged me much less. I should have been charged more than what they charged” me. 
Despite his admission of being one of those bearing the greatest responsibilities of the Liberian civil war, Mr. Allen expressed support for the setting up of a war crimes tribunal in Liberia. “War crimes court is good for reconciliation…for healing the wounds.”
Mr. Allen accused Nimba County Sen. Prince Johnson, a bitter opponent of a war crimes court, of physically slicing the ears of former President Samuel K. Doe after Mr. Johnson’s forces captured him.
“He (Sen. Johnson) is the one who they had on video cutting the ears of president Doe. I do not see any reason why there should not be a war crimes court,” Mr. Allen said.

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