Screen all Candidates for the 2017 elections in Liberia…. 

June 17, 2014

– By Bernard Gbayee Goah

Is there anyone who believed Charles Taylor would be forcibly removed from the Presidency and taken to jail for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone; while persons accused of identical crimes in Liberia not face justice? Is it conceivable Liberians could be restrained from taking action against those responsible for the carnage, now that Chucky Taylor has been sentenced to 97 years imprisonment by the U.S. Government? Did Ellen and the others truly believe Dr. George S. Boley, Sr. would be dragged into U.S. Court to account for his role in the atrocities; while they parade themselves as respectable political leaders? This is the kind of selective justice that often leads to all-out violence and impedes Africa’s progress.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been generous in giving Ellen Johnson Sirleaf an excellent opportunity to gracefully extricate herself from her quagmire. It would be unwise were she not to exploit it to the fullest. Not being allowed to hold public office does not prevent Ellen from serving her country if she so desires. By rejecting the TRC recommendations she risks a full blown trial and all that comes with it. If Ellen insists, she will be given the opportunity in a court of law to prove her innocence. However, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must be remainded of her predecessors – Presidents Doe and Taylor – who refused to heed the warnings and ended up facing disastrous consequences.

To those who believe all is well…that Liberia is back; Be warned that, there is likely to be severe turbulence ahead! The fact that those who wrecked this nation are still playing hardball is a clear indication we are a long ways from landing.

For much of this country’s history critical decisions have favored a few rather than the majority. As a result, illiteracy is high; unemployment is high; sickness & disease is high; poverty is widespread; corruption is rampant; and, Rule of Law is nonexistent. Those bearing the greatest responsibility for the mass destruction of lives and properties between 1989 and 2003 must face justice!!

If the cold-blooded murder of over 200,000 defenseless men, women and children is not resolved Liberia will inevitably experience a repeat of the senseless violence. This we must not allow!

To the international partners, we ask; what is most important: protecting the interests of a select few, or ensuring the safety of the larger population? If the interests of the majority are paramount – as it ought to be – then you must support the formation of a Special Court, Screening of Candidates for the 2017 elections in Liberia. Without this, Liberia will continue to be a violent, lawless nation and the epic center of instability within the West African sub-region.


Perpetrators of Heinous Crimes prefer not to remember what happened

June 17, 2014

We know that perpetrators of heinous crimes in Liberia prefer not to remember what happened, and hate to be reminded of it. When these issues are brought up, all they say is let’s forget it and move forward. But because there has not been anything to deter them from doing wrong, they continue to inflict economic harm on the country by means of rampant corruption

Ordinary citizens can now sue President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf even while she still serves public office as President of Liberia.

June 17, 2014

 – Written by Bernard Gbayee Goah

In 2009, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was able to file action of damages against the New Broom Newspaper in Liberia, only because her government obtained injunction to close down media institutions based on the content of their reports… especially contrapositive reports against the President. 
According to a writ of summons issued by the Civil Law Court, the President filed for Action of Damages in line with the publication of the paper on September 3, 2009 alleging that the President took US$2 million dollars bribe to award a contract. 

This was the first of its kind in the history of Liberia for a sitting president to file an action of damages against media institution. But the sticky issue is, Article 61 of the Constitution of Liberia protects a sitting President from being sued while in office as president. 
Article 61 of the Liberian Constitution reads: “The President shall be immune from any suits, actions or proceedings, judicial or otherwise, and from arrest, detention or other actions on account of any act done by him (her) while President of Liberia pursuant to any provision of this Constitution or any other laws of the Republic. The President shall not, however, be immune from prosecution upon removal from office for the commission of any criminal act done while President”

But if the President can sue individuals and media institutions, that means the President can as well be sued. 
By filling action of damages against the New Broom News Paper in 2009, I am sure President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is aware that she has sacrificed her immunity as stated in Article 61 of the Liberian Constitution!

Ordinary citizens can now sue President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf because she has compromised her Presidential immunity as mentioned in Article 61 of the constitution of Liberia.


June 17, 2014

The Liberian President (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) is widely admired and celebrated abroad on claims that she has championed the advocacy of “women rights” in Liberia, a claim that is challenged throughout her administration as President. 

One main obstacle that discredits Madam Sirleaf’s women right advocacy claim, is her past link to a violent rebel movement that slaughtered innocent women and children (Charles Taylor’s NPFL) in Liberia.

Madam Sirleaf’s association with former rebel leader and President of Liberia (Charles Taylor) has been no doubt. Charles Taylor was recently on trial at The Hague for war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor is currently sentenced to jail in Europe.

According to Mr. Taylor, as well as countless Liberians, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was once the International Coordinator for the rebel group (National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL). Mr. Taylor said, Madam Sirleaf raised money for the NPFL to oust former President Samuel Doe from power. The NPFL fearlessly perpetrated horrific atrocities and staged violent spectacles, such that the aftershocks are still felt in Liberia today.

Sirleaf has admitted in her memoirs and testimony to Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission that she supported Taylor through the 1980s but claimed not to have known his true intentions. She said that she had been “fooled” by him.

To us, Madam Sirleaf was not a child when she supported the NPFL. She knew that the NPFL was not an humanitarian organization, when she lobbied for funds on its behalf.

Even though Madam Sirleaf said she did break her ties with Taylor in the 80s, evidence suggests contrary to her statemen because in fact she played a more active role in the 90s with the NPFL rebels than she has so far admitted to. And this is why:

How could Madam Sirleaf make such a claim when in June 1990, instead of only testifying at a U.S. congressional hearing on “US Policy and the Crisis in Liberia” as was expected, she actually advocated for the NPFL during the occasion?

Madam Sirleaf stated in her advocatory testimony that Charles Taylor NPFL revolt symbolizes a civil war, which encompasses regions of the country where more than two thirds of the Liberian people live, and the greatest resources are located. See below her exact words to the US Congress:

” These people, many of them children, have joined this struggle for freedom, with little more than courage and hope for the future. It is within this context that the uprising represents an opportunity for creative transformation of the Liberian political landscape”.

Madam Sirleaf knowing full well that the NPFL was involved with the forced enlistment of Child soldiers to oust the Samuel Doe administration, willfully advocated for, as well as contributed thousands of United States dollars to the cause of the NPFL up until June of 1990.

Madam Sirleaf now leads an administration plagued by corruption, human rights abuse as well as unwarranted arrests, and political torture of perceived enemies. Nepotism has also flourished while Madam Sirleaf sits at the zenith of leadership in Liberia.

Operation We Care for Liberia needs help from the US government in order to prevent the Liberian President from travelling to the US.

We want the good people of the United States to know that monies if any, that were donated to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s cause from 1985 to 1991, were used to purchase firearms that killed innocent women and children in Liberia.

We want the American public to know that madam Ellen Jonson-Sirleaf is not who she says she is, rather she is a person who has aided and abated Charles Taylor’s NPFL killings of women and children in Liberia.

“The United States has always been a place of refuge and freedom from oppression for millions. We must ensure that those who come here seeking freedom and the rule of law do not have to fear that their persecutor may become their neighbor.” – US Immigration Judge John Reid’s

We ask the United States government not to allow Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf entrance into the United States because her presence in the United States would be a violation of the United States “Child Soldiers Accountability Act of 2008”.

Bernard Gbayee Goah
President Operation We Care for Liberia

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Charles Taylor, all the same….

June 17, 2014

The Liberian President (Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf) has claimed consistently that she had no role in the war that maimed and killed innocent people and destroyed Liberia’s entire infrastructure. She must be presented an opportunity to exonerate herself in a credible Liberian war crime court.

If Madam Sirleaf is responsible, as the evidence indicates, regardless whether such crimes were committed in Liberia or Sierra Leone, it is a travesty of justice to only indict former president Charles Taylor for crimes against humanity and “remove” him from office; but yet allow Ms. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to remain head of state even though she also financially supported as well as ordered a rebel group (NPFL) to commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Bernard Gbayee Goah- President, Operation We Care for Liberia

Liberia May Easily Be An Incubator For Radical Militancy 

June 17, 2014

Written by Bernard Gbayee Goah
President, Operation We Care for Liberia

Despite its natural resource, Liberia is one of the world’s most impoverished countries. Bad and weak governance, coupled with impunity, rampant corruption, and the unemployment of so many young former combatants, have made Liberia a volatile country, and breeding ground for radical extremist groups recruitment in the region.

According to Front Page Africa, the Director designate of the elite security guard, the Executive Protection Service (EPS) Mr. Frank Nyekan revealed that Liberia is being used as a hideout for leaders of Nigeria Islamic terrorist group Boko-Haram.

Director Mr. Nyekan mentioned, “Terrorism is spreading now. Nobody needs to tell you that Boko-Haram is next door in Nigeria. Some are using Liberia as a sleep-out where they come and sleep when they do their thing. They come as Nigerian businessmen to sleep after a period of time; they lost and returned to Nigeria. They commit the act, when they are being searched for, they run to Liberia”.


The combination of lack of trust in their own government as a result of bad governance, poverty, and insecurity are all contributing factors that may lead to young people engaging in violence activities. This may as well lead to former combatants offering themselves for extremist groups recruitment as a way to support their families.

Liberia’s historical trend of poor political and resource governance has made it a volatile nation. The country has seen a string of civil wars. History suggests that all of the above factors mentioned did not only contribute to the destruction of Liberia, but the destruction of neighboring countries such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Serra Leon.

Poverty, underdevelopment, and a sense of marginalization and exclusion of former combatants that comes from lack of governance, particularly at the national level, creates breeding ground for extremist groups recruitment.

The thing is, former combatants are what groups such, as Al Qaeda wants. And Liberian former combatants perfectly fit the picture. Liberia could become an incubator for terrorist activity if nothing is done to create employment opportunities for the country’s very large number of former combatants.

War Victims currently live in fear in Liberia….

June 17, 2014

War Victims currently live in fear in Liberia….
By Bernard Gbayee Goah

The final report of Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), exposed the diabolical scheme to use reconciliation as an unsuspecting weapon to bludgeon the truth. The report confirms the level of atrocities visited upon defenseless men, women and children in Liberia.

The TRC forum was the first of its kind in the entire history of Liberia for war victims to be given the opportunity to freely give their accounts of what happened to them, their families, and what they saw happened to others during the war.

During the TRC hearing, war victims freely spoke in public about what happened to them in hopes that justice would be served. Their accounts were sickening to say the least. 
But since they have spoken, not a single person has been brought to justice. War victims are now exposed to the wrath of those they fear the most (their prosecutors). And because those accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity are still running the affairs of those they’ve allegedly victimized, victims themselves will continue to live in fear. This has to stopped, but how?

Alleged perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity must not be allowed to participate in Liberia’s 2017 elections or hold any positions of governmental authority, and power unless they exonerate themselves from allegations brought against them in a Liberian War Crimes Court.

When Perpetrators no longer hold decision-making power over those they have victimized, justice begins.This is necessary in order to begin genuine reconciliation in Liberia. 
Let us all remember that “Pardoning the BAD, is injuring the Good” – Poor Richard’s Almanack!