War Victims currently live in fear in Liberia….

War Victims currently live in fear in Liberia….
By Bernard Gbayee Goah

The final report of Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), exposed the diabolical scheme to use reconciliation as an unsuspecting weapon to bludgeon the truth. The report confirms the level of atrocities visited upon defenseless men, women and children in Liberia.

The TRC forum was the first of its kind in the entire history of Liberia for war victims to be given the opportunity to freely give their accounts of what happened to them, their families, and what they saw happened to others during the war.

During the TRC hearing, war victims freely spoke in public about what happened to them in hopes that justice would be served. Their accounts were sickening to say the least. 
But since they have spoken, not a single person has been brought to justice. War victims are now exposed to the wrath of those they fear the most (their prosecutors). And because those accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity are still running the affairs of those they’ve allegedly victimized, victims themselves will continue to live in fear. This has to stopped, but how?

Alleged perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity must not be allowed to participate in Liberia’s 2017 elections or hold any positions of governmental authority, and power unless they exonerate themselves from allegations brought against them in a Liberian War Crimes Court.

When Perpetrators no longer hold decision-making power over those they have victimized, justice begins.This is necessary in order to begin genuine reconciliation in Liberia. 
Let us all remember that “Pardoning the BAD, is injuring the Good” – Poor Richard’s Almanack!


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